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Brian Steffen

Brian Steffen is the administrator/principal at Kingdom Academy. Brian graduated from Ivy Tech in 2002 with an Associate’s Degree in both Business Management and Marketing. He served on the Kingdom Academy school board for two years before becoming the administrator/principal in 2014. Brian is thankful for the opportunity to build Christian relationships with the students, parents, and teachers and is thankful for how much the Lord continues to bless the school. He has managed The Monument Center since 2003 and was married to Jessie Steffen in 2004.Bio picture Brian and Steffen Steffen

Jessie Steffen

Jessie Steffen is the Kindergarten and First Grade teacher at Kingdom Academy. She has her CDA (Child Development Associate) from Ivy Tech Community College. Jessie is the wife of Kingdom Academy administrator Brian Steffen and they have four children: Isaac, Luci, Adalee, and Asher. Her goal as an early childhood educator is to create an environment that encourages children to love learning and more importantly to shine their lights for Christ. Jessie feels blessed to work in such a Godly Christian environment and looks forward to whatever God has planned for her at Kingdom Academy.

Tanya Girod


Tanya Girod began working with children her junior year of high school through an early childhood education class.  From that, she landed her first job in child care (First Presbyterian Church Daycare).  While working there she received her Child Development Associate (CDA) through Ivy Tech.  She worked in daycare through her first year of marriage (to Ben Girod in 2006), until their daughter, Vivian, was born (in 2007).  Before she knew it, Vivian was entering kindergarten. When Mrs. Fiechter retired the following year, KA asked Tanya to take over as the head preschool teacher.  What Tanya loves about Kingdom Academy is their love for Jesus and the “family” atmosphere!

Michael Yoder

Michael Yoder graduated from IPFW in 2017 with a degree in Elementary Education. Michael started teaching in the fall of 2017 with the 4th–6th grades. He is now teaching 4th-5th grade. He always looks  forward to connecting with his students so God can be glorified and they can learn more about His Word and love for us. He married Liana (Reinhard) in March 2022. Michael loves to spend time with his students, see them at church, and teach them God’s Word.Michael & Liana Wedding-8410-Cropped

Liana Yoder

Liana Yoder is the 2nd and 3rd grade teacher at KA. She graduated highschool from Kingdom Academy in 2017 and has enjoyed being a teacher there since 2021. Liana graduated from PFW in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Liana and Michael got married in March 2022. She enjoys music, family time, and investing in the youth. She looks forward to modeling Proverbs 22:6 to her students and training them in light of Biblical principles.

Cindy Lemmen

Cindy Lemmen teaches English in middle school and high school.  Her love of education began as a child when she spent many hours “teaching” imaginary students using the basement blackboard. Educators seem to run in her family and include her grandparents, mother, and siblings.
Cindy graduated from DePauw University with a BSN.  She then earned a Master of Science in Nursing (with an education emphasis) from the University of North Carolina. She worked several years as a RN and Family Nurse Practitioner, serving also in many clinical and community education roles. Cindy is currently working on her Secondary English Teaching Certification through Taylor University. She loves to see others learn and grow. She is thankful to have the opportunity to teach at this Christ-centered school, where a Christian world view and spiritual growth are prioritized and nurtured. Cindy is married to Roger Lemmen. They are thankful for their son, Matt, and daughter, Elaina.
“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5Capture

Ryan Bertsch

Ryan Bertsch graduated from IPFW with a teaching degree in Science.  He has been teaching at Kingdom Academy since 2005.  He teaches the high school/middle school History and Science classes.  He is married to Jessica Yergler and they have five children: Elly, Tate, Oaklee, Kendall and Everly.  Ryan’s favorite part about teaching at Kingdom is the deep relationships he can build with students and the opportunity to teach a Christian world view.Bertsch-2021

Quinn Fiechter

Quinn Fiechter is the middle school and high school math teacher at Kingdom Academy. He received his Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Teaching from IPFW in 2004, and has enjoyed working with kids ever since. Quinn started teaching at Kingdom Academy beginning in the Fall of 2004, and although he has not always taught here, his heart and mind has been close to this school. In 2005, Quinn married Sarah, and in 2014, their daughter Avi was born. He looks forward to furthering God’s Kingdom as he teaches at Kingdom Academy.